E-commerce order fulfilment

Order fulfilment

Online shopping has become routine for many people in the modern world. An important group of our clients today are online shops, for whom we provide a full cycle of product processing services, including the receipt and storage of goods, order processing, packaging, delivery and, if necessary, returns. Orders are delivered to end users in the Baltic countries and Europe. Embedded technologies and system integrations allow our clients to choose among a wide range of courier services and transport companies.

Order fulfilment being a crucial part of your e-commerce business plan, it is important to choose a reliable 3PL partner with modern management systems. Wellman Logistics offers an advanced warehouse system that allows you to monitor all the operations in the warehouse with the possibility of receiving data online and setting up various integrations with CRM and other client systems by using API or file sharing.

In addition to shipping services we can also handle returns. We have systems in place to track the planned return deliveries online, which allows us to make instant operational decisions and contributes to efficient inventory management in the warehouse. This in turn increases stock turnover and saves our customers’ time and money.

Cash-on-delivery courier services

In addition to standard delivery options, we can also handle deliveries with alternative payment methods such as cash-on-delivery (COD), if required by the specifics of your business. We operate in a wide geography across Europe and ensure full transparency and monitoring by transmitting the tracking status directly to the client or to the client’s CRM system.

Undoubtedly, it is most convenient if all stages of the process are organized by the same partner who understands your business and is able to combine all its components: certification, production, order fulfillment and delivery in Europe (with or without cash on delivery).

Wellman Logistics is exactly that partner. We will work out the most suitable solution for your business and customize every step of our services to your specific needs.


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