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Wellman Logistics has rich experience in orders fulfillment for distribution and internet based companies in local market and for outside EU companies which want to enter into European market with their goods.

Our fulfillment services are enjoyed by internet shops, affiliate marketing companies, CPA networks, distributors and other companies with big number of orders which have to be fulfilled in short period of time and delivered all over the Europe using prepayment, COD (Cash On Delivery) or possibility to pay in post office in the moment of parcel collection.

Wellman Logistics has modern and advanced orders and stock management system which grants access rights to our clients via any web browser in order to have an online update for the orders’ statuses and stocks in the warehouses.

In the addition, direct integrations with the clients’ systems via API allows to automate and synchronize data interchange between the systems and our clients can see everything is happening with their orders in online mode directly from their ERP or CRM systems.

Stable link with clients’ systems and direct integrations with leading European transport and courier companies allow us to ensure next day deliveries in number of European countries with rich payment options for our clients’ customers – prepayment, COD (Cash on Delivery) or possibility to pay in post office in the moment of parcel collection.

For successful entrance in the market we can share our experience and knowledge in following topics:

  • Cash On Delivery in Europe
  • Products certification for sales in Europe
  • European offshore company registration
  • Opening bank accounts in European banks
  • European tax policies and specifics
  • Receiving VAT identification number.

If you are intended to enter into European market, want to start sales in Europe then get in touch with us – we will consult you regarding opportunities, specifics and risks of acting in this market. Based on your business plans and your company profile we will develop most suitable solution for your company.

We are your single point of contacts to receive everything you need to be successful on European market.

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