Here at 3pl, we aim to offer complete warehousing and logistic solutions for everyone with whatever need (within the limits of law, so no nukes, of course).

Our process starts with making sure that we clearly understand the specific needs and requirements of our clientele and their cargo.

When we´ve established that we´re the right guys for your job, our logistic-wizards will create a comprehensive plan where we will plot out the route, storage (time and conditions), everything taxation related, as well as factor in and try to anticipate any and all complications that may arise.

What goods can we warehouse?


You´ll be pleased to know that our warehouse capacity exceeds 12 000 sq.m. so lack of space is your last problem. We have both closed and open-air storage sites that accept both EU and customs cargoes as well as local stock and are readily equipped to deal with a wide array of different load/unload, storage, handling and cargo clearance issues.

Our cargo storage can handle palletized loads up to 7.5m high, with specific temperature and humidity ranges in both closed and open-air premises. Starting from the smallest packages in precise temperature controlled cooled rooms and ending with storage of bulk cargoes up to 1.5 metric tons in weight per general package unit, be it pallet, big bag or framed box.

For your peace of mind, heart and business, all goods can be insured for regular storage of excise or customs warehouses.

Warehousing specifications


Types of goods

We can handle, but are not limited by:
● Medicinal goods
● All beverages (wine, cognac, beer as well as non-alcoholic drinks )
● Electronics and mobiles
● Machinery and heavy equipment
● Cosmetics and perfumes
● Clothes, shoes as well as most other accessories
Where we fall short, our certified partners are sure to pick up, with additional options for storing goods in separate certified freezers .

Transport and load/unload of cargo

There is rarely a package too big or too small for us too handle, since in addition to manual cargo loading options, we are equipped to enter warehouse premises directly. We have a full array of 9 ramps to accommodate heavy transport vehicles as well as 2 ramps for middle/small size transport vehicles.

Customs warehousing

Our service includes many different ways of handling all sorts of goods, starting with labeling with annotations, repackaging and finally handling all kinds of custom clearance documents.

We can store and handle import/export and/or transit goods both to and from EU, Scandinavia, America, Australia and CIS countries like Ukraine, Belarus,

Georgia, Kaszakhstan as well as third world developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America plus many other countries.

To get more specific, feel free to just ask, we will gladly answer any and all of your questions.


Excise warehousing

We have simplified the procedure of acceptance of alcoholic beverages from any excise EU warehouse. We can readily export/import excise goods from other EU excise warehouses and even realize for sale in Latvia.

For more info on our excise warehousing service, have a look at HERE

Regular/EU goods warehousing

We also handle goods that do not require customs clearing and can offer an option to have a warehouse in Latvia and Baltic states for regular distribution of goods, including medicinal and excise goods.

Why us?

We cherish both your and our own business, we are growth oriented and we know that we can´t grow without your business by our side. This is why we use our fundamental skills of precision, timing, expertise with transparency to keep you happy and your goods in the right place at the right time.

Plus, our location and network of partners are ideal if your logistical, warehousing or distrubution needs are relevant to CIS, Baltic, Eastern-European or Skandinavian countries.

Whats next?

Since every client and all goods are different, we cannot promise that we are the right partner for you, but we can promise that if you give us a call and tell us your needs, we will do our best to help you as well as walk you through every part of our solution for you.

Now it is your turn to decide if you will give us a chance to ease your logistic and warehousing troubles.

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