Cosmetics and perfumes

Cosmetics and perfumes

We offer warehousing and fulfilment solutions for beauty products, perfumes, skincare items and other health and personal care items. Our services for this category of goods include but are not limited to recording, packaging and repackaging, kitting, order picking and preparation for shipment to the end customer.

The storage and handling of cosmetics, perfumes and beauty items necessitates meeting distinct requirements and conditions. In order to maintain the quality of your goods and prevent their breakage, spoilage or melting, we provide different storage modes by considering such factors as temperature and space. Additionally, we can carry out quality controls to ensure that your customers receive high quality products.

We are one of the largest logistics service providers in Latvia with years of experience within logistics and warehousing for the distribution of perfumes and cosmetics. To ensure effective storage of your cosmetics and perfumery products and a full range of value-added services:

  • We operate a high-tech and multifunctional class A warehouse with a total area of more than 20,000 square meters.
  • We have dedicated warehouse areas for EU, excise and customs goods located in the very center of the Baltic States.
  • We have 13 years’ experience in the field of logistics.

We will be glad to cooperate with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of cosmetics and perfumery products from Europe, Asia, Scandinavia and other countries.

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