Electronics and mobile phones

Electronics and mobile phones

Wellman Logistics is experienced in warehousing and transporting various types of electronics, including mobile phones, office equipment, computers and printers.

We store, process and transport electronic products such as air conditioners, smartphones, household appliances, computer equipment, air conditioners, lawn mowers, car tires and many others on a regular basis.

We are able to provide an extensive range of warehousing services for your products, including:

  • Professional processing of your cargo within our customs and European warehouse
  • Loading and unloading of cargo by using modern equipment or manually if required for the specific product
  • Safe and effective storage of electronics, mobile phones and other types of electronics, by ensuring quality warehousing service, supervision and control
  • Value-added services — labeling, repackaging and product customization, cargo sorting based on your requirements, sorting parts by SIM or batch codes, cargo counting and quality inspection, adjustments, reinforcing and strapping

Tell us your needs and our team will work out the most suitable solution for you and your customers.

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Wellman Logistics

We offer a complete set of services for freight forwarding, storage, additional treatment and handling, arranging of customs formalities and transportation of cargo “door-to-door” from Europe/Asia

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