Electronics and Mobile Phones product group

Electronics and Mobile Phones

Wellman Logistics takes over maintenance of various kinds of electronics and mobile phones as well as office equipment, computers, printers and other electronics.

Our warehouse is already have to service electronics products such as air conditioners and popular iPhone smartphones world-renowned brand Apple.

Electronics and Mobile Phones

We will ensure your products with high quality warehousing service, including. Professional clearance of your goods in a customs warehouse;

2. Loading and unloading operations, using modern equipment, as well as, in the case of particular cargo, perform this operation by hand;

3. Safe storage of electronics, mobile phones and other electronic equipment, providing high quality warehouse service, monitor and control the safety of your products;

4. Marking and record of your goods;

5. Additional services (consolidated warehouse, sorting of consignments by SIM and Bach codes , complete set of separate lots of cargo, general cargo service, cargo lashing, manual processing individual operations (cleaning, etc.):

We will be happy to welcome new regulars for cooperation in the field of warehousing services such product categories as electronics and mobile phones

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We offer a complete set of services for freight forwarding, storage, additional treatment and handling, arranging of customs formalities and transportation of cargo “door-to-door” from Europe/Asia

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