Customs procedure

Customs procedure

Our warehousing services would be comparable to an oversized locker, were it not for our fantastic team in the customs clearance department, oh and not to forget our licenses and permits. Having these three in one place makes it possible for us to follow through on a full list of customs clearance procedures in-house, from simple import/export processing to much more complicated transit issues.

This on-site advantage helps so that the cargo does not need to be moved for the authorities to document or check it, saving both us, you and anyone involved a load of time.

Cargo customs clearance is an unavoidable procedure of international cargo carriages. By performing the tasks of a customs broker-declarant, the Logistics Centre of „Wellman Logistics” optimizes the procedure and provides correct customs cargo procedures, regardless of the type of transportation means, to Russia or other CIS countries.

“Wellman Logistics” Logistics Centre provides a full range of customs procedure

  • Customs procedure of cargo transit, import and export
  • Preparation of the accompanying and transport documents (CMR, TIR CARNET,
    PMD MVD declarations, etc.)
  • Issuance of phytosanitary certificates
  • Customs and transit warranties
  • Arranging the customs documents in the customs offices in Riga and beyond
  • Various consultations in customs issues
  • Functions of representing the company in relations to the customs authorities
  • Tax clearing – customs duties and VAT are paid by us upon the customs
    clearance of cargo, we will later bill the customer for the tax sum.
    Customs warehouse (customs warehouse number: LV-98-A-0256)
  • Storage in the temperature conditions of:
    +2 °C – +8 °C
    +8 °C – +15 °C
    +15 ° – +25 °C
  • Storage of goods in various customs regulations
  • Customs services – declaring of freights, import/export operations as well as


Customs procedure

If troubles arise

If you don´t yet have the correct documents, the shipping quantities are under question or any other reason the goods can´t be accepted in our warehouse or be loaded for shipment, with us, there is no need to worry. We have access to facilities with customs zone truck parking where you can store any goods that need to be stored until all problems are finalized.

To put it short, if any troubles arise, we´ll be ready to keep your goods safe without any extra charge.

Why us?

Accurate, experienced and continuous focused on professional development to best suit the needs of our customers – this how we would characterize our customs clearance department people. Just few facts we´re proud of – they have an average work experience of 14 years, no customer has left us for another service provider during the last five years.

On other hand our second great advantage in handling customs procedures is the usage of our own customs guarantee, allowing us to not involve third party services, which very often leads to loss of time, which is critical in logistics.

What´s next?

If you give us a ring or drop us an email telling us your plan, all you have to do is wait a little for us to figure out the best solution and we´ll call or mail you back with said masterplan.

We will always do our best to keep you from any worries, unnecessary operations, expenses and loss of time. This is the job of our open minded, flexible and understanding team in the custom clearance department and they know it.

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