Customs procedures

Customs procedure

Wellman Logistics is licensed to handle a full range customs procedures for import, export and other more complex transit projects, regardless of the mode of transport.

We offer an in-house customs clearance service, which makes the process far more efficient by allowing us to verify your cargo and prepare the necessary customs documentation without moving your goods to a different location. All of the procedures that we follow are fully compliant, and customs specialists in our team are professionals with years of experience in the business. Our team are fully aware of all of the latest updates in the field and will do their best to ensure that your experience is smooth and stress-free.

Wellman Logistics offers a complete range of customs services, including but not limited to:

  • Handling of customs procedures – IM, EXP, T1
  • Issuance of a certificate of origin
  • Preparation of accompanying documents
  • Phytosanitary controls
  • Provision of a customs and/or transit guarantee
  • Provision of an excise guarantee
  • Consultations on customs procedures and potential issues
  • Representation of our clients at customs authorities
  • Handling of all the necessary steps related to the payment of customs duty and VAT on your behalf

Customs warehouse LV-98-A-0256

  • Storage of goods in various customs regimes
  • Customs services – IM, EXP, T1 declaration, certification
  • Additional processing – sorting, repacking, pre-sale preparation and others

Contact us to tell us your needs and we will guide you through every part of the services and procedures we offer and provide you with the best support we can.

Customs procedure


If challenges arise

There are many legal and administrative requirements to moving cargo across borders and maintaining customs compliance. We realize that unexpected challenges occur from time to time because this is an ever-changing field.

Misclassification, inadequate documentation and other factors may result in delays for your cargo being accepted at our warehouse for shipment or loading.

To mitigate those issues, we do our best to support you by providing on-site truck parking in the customs area of our warehouse complex, in which dutiable goods may be stored. Whatever the challenge, we will ensure that your goods are stored in a safe place until the customs procedure is completed and any potential issues resolved.


Why us?

Accuracy, experience and continuous professional development based on our clients’ needs — that is what characterizes people in our customs team. The average working experience of our specialists is 7-14 years.

Our second big advantage in customs procedures is the use of own customs guarantees, which allows us to avoid delays caused by the involvement of third party services. We know that time is a key factor in logistics and are therefore striving to optimize the customs clearance process for our clients by avoiding unnecessary operations and ensuring that all the required paperwork is handled on-site without the need to visit a customs point.

Our mission is to ensure the growth and successful development our clients’ businesses. That is why we stand for full transparency and strive to build and retain our clients’ confidence.


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