Third-Party Logistics Solutions. Completely and On time

We offer a complete set of services for freight forwarding, storage, additional treatment and handling, arranging of customs formalities and transportation of cargo “door-to-door” from Europe/Asia to Russia and CIS countries, by using Own Warehouse for Customs and European Cargoes (customs warehouse number: LV-98-A-0256).   

Why choose us

Our company is focused on the Russian and CIS markets for the provision of warehousing services, and services for logistics and transportation as well. To realize this mission, in 2008 “Wellman Logistics” ltd completes construction and puts into operation a highly technological, modern and multifunctional A class warehouse, which is located in the very centre of the Latvia and serves as a base of the Logistics Centre of the company for consolidation of cargo coming from Asia and Europe to Russia and CIS countries markets.

“Wellman Logistics” ltd is a member of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), as well as operations of the company are certified by Latvian Association of Freight Forwarders and Logistics (LAFF).

We will render all logistics services for you here in Latvia, that you could order in Russia and CIS countries, but more exactly, more reliable, qualitatively and with competitive prices.

Locating in the heart of the Baltic States –in Latvia, at the crossing of important transport routes, we offer first class service aimed to minimize the cost for clients.

You can use our logistics center as:

  • a part in the logistics chain for consolidation and temporary storage with subsequent transportation of cargo from Asia / Europe to Russia and CIS countries
  • a permanent storage of your cargo outside the CIS (outsourcing) with subsequent direct delivery to your company / trade networks as needed


What goods can we warehouse

“We work to make our customers feel safe and confident in the logistics section of their business and to be able to fully focus on their core business in sales.”

Kristine Kupcane

Board Member