Excise and customs warehousing

Excise and customs warehousing

Wellman Logistics operates a modern A-class warehouse complex with a total area of more than 20,000 sq. m.

Our warehouse consists of both open and closed areas designed for the storage and handling of goods of different batches and sizes.


Customs warehouse

Our customs warehouse is suitable for customers who wish to warehouse uncleared goods that are subject to customs duties. We specialize in the management of customs procedures and are able to carry out additional operations  on your customs goods such as sorting, labeling, packaging, breaking bulk and regrouping. Besides, we are competent to prepare the customs clearance documents required for your goods.

Excise warehouse

Our warehouse premises are approved for the secure storage of excise goods under duty suspension. We are able to arrange the storage and transit of your excise goods (such as alcohol products, including wines and spirits) between our warehouse and any other warehouse in the European Union, whether your goods are intended for export or local sale. We will also handle the purchase and affixing of excise stamps according to the requirements in force (e.g. EGAIS).


  • Affixation of labels and excise stamps for the EU and third countries, administration of the required paperwork for export
  • Provision of an excise duty guarantee and related services – acceptance of eAD documents, closing in cases where excise stamps do not have to be affixed (e.g. already affixed by the manufacturer), release of the supplier’s/manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Ordering and purchase of excise stamps of the Republic of Latvia
  • Affixation and accounting of excise stamps
  • Issue of excise goods in free circulation in Latvia and other EU countries and payment of the Latvian excise tax until the 10th of the following month
  • Development of advertising materials and label
  • Storage of excise stamps in a safe deposit box
  • LOT number control
  • Consolidation of goods for the local market and export to other countries
  • Cargo sorting, packaging, repackaging, labelling, kitting, quality controls
  • Cargo insurance

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Excise goods warehousing


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