Excise goods warehousing services

Excise goods warehousing

Our successful start from warehousing quickly lead us to the expansion of excise goods warehousing.

Our aim, as with any service, is to ultimately provide you with a comprehensive plan, where we plot out all the specifics of your cargo, route and storing conditions, whilst being flexible so to factor in any complications that may arise.

What and how much can we do?

Well, we´re licensed to store and handle excise goods so there´s not much that we can´t do in this category.

To start, we have a rather massive area for excise warehousing, 870 sq.m. to be precise, which can store up to 100 heavy road truck loads, up to 675 pallets or 1.5 million units (bottles, packs, tins).

We store our excise goods in mild air conditions all year round and can also help with insuring your goods. But it´s very doubtful that any malicious harm can come to them since we have video surveillance 25/7, 365 days a week. In addition, we´re packed with fire safety systems, separate security entrances and many more features to keep you investment safe.
Excise goods warehousing

More to the specifics

Our team is capable of acquisition of goods, packaging, repackaging, distribution of pallets and quality control.

We can:

  • paste information and excise stamps on goods with a daily sticking capacity of 60 000 units, for both EU and third-world countries as well as parallel registration of export documents.
  • provide an excise guarantee and accept EAD (Export Accompanying Documents) for when the excise stamps are not pasted by us but are already pasted by the manufacturer. This guarantee releases the supplier/producer from the excise guarantee.
  • provide accounting, pasting and preparing of goods with the excise stamps of the Republic of Latvia.
  • take care of the issues that accompany the free circulation of excise goods in Latvia and other EU countries like handling the Latvian excise tax until the 10th day of the following month.
  • freely work with advertising materials, as well as storing excise stamps in a safe and cheking LOT numbers.
  • provide consolidation of goods for the local market and transportation to, in and from Russia alongside many other countries.
  • Compile and create annotations as well as wrapping of goods And if that´s not enough, we can provide you with complete cargo insurance.

Additional services for excise goods warehousing

As bonus we offer all custom clearance for excise goods in case they are moved to third-world countries under export, without the need of the customer to visit the Customs office – which translates as valuable extra time saved for our clients, which is extremely important for high season in the logistics business.

For the EU we use the Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), which offers our customers a simple way to receive goods in our excise warehouse from any other excise warehouse, whilst we take responsibility for all excise liabilities til the goods are released to the customer or distributed according to the order.

We´re at the top of the logistics electronics game since our software allows to provide fast, efficient and easy to comprehend record of all stock movements, stock balance reports as well as preparation of reports for excise authorities, including customer reports – in case we provide the distribution of excise goods from a wholesale warehouse.

Why us?

We cherish both your and our own business, we are growth oriented and we know that we can´t grow without your business by our side. This is why we use our fundamental skills of precision, timing, expertise with transparency to keep you happy and your goods in the right place at the right time.

Plus, our location and network of partners are ideal if your logistical, warehousing or distribution needs are relevant to CIS, Baltic, Eastern-European, Scandinavian and lots of other countries.

Whats next?

Since every client and all goods are different, we cannot promise that we are the right partner for you, but we can promise that if you give us a call and tell us your needs, we will do our best to help you, as well as walk you through every part of our solution for you.

Now it is your turn to decide if you will give us a chance to be the ones to help you with your excise goods warehousing.

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