28 Jun Wellman Logistic presents a report on the work of foreign affiliate marketing at the ANTIKONFA annual conference.

The second year in a row, the annual conference of affiliate marketing in Kiev – ANTIKONFA. The conference takes place in an interesting format, where participants discuss the current issues of the Internet market, marketing problems and failed online project cases, share experiences and talk about negative experiences, which are often even more revealing.

Wellman Logistics presents a report on the work in foreign markets – the bourges:

  • What should to pay attention, starting to work in the bourges
  • Certification of cosmetics and food additives for work in foreign markets
  • Company registration in Europe
  • Features of taxation in Europe
  • Cash on delivery in Europe

And other topics for starting work and successful business in the bourges.

We will be glad to see you at this event for the exchange of experience, discuss the most suitable solutions for the bourgeoise for your company.