18 Apr
We are waiting for proposals on the sale of electricity

Due to the fact that the logistics center WELLMAN LOGISTICS consumes about 516,000 kWh of electricity per year, the company invites PUC (Public Utilities Commission) registered electricity traders before May 1st of this year to submit proposals for the sale of electricity to us for the next 12 months.   Read more >

17 Feb
Solutions to register a company in the EU

We are located in the crossroads of logistic routes, thousand miles away from the supply chain beginnings and end. Of course, our customers cannot be near to his commodities all the time. However, somewhere need to be a point for put booth ends together. Best solution for that point is Latvia – EU country, multilingual, […] Read more >

15 Nov
Dienas Bizness about us

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04 Jun
Alcoholic goods liquidation

The activity of any enterprise is not only connected with the production of a product, but also with waste generation. Current legislation assumes full responsibility of enterprises for disposal of waste timely. Alcoholic and soft drinks also subject to liquidation, especially if it has a potential danger to human health and life. There are several […] Read more >

06 May
Wholesale distribution of medicines

Wholesale distribution of medicines Since April, 2015 WELLMAN LOGISTICS also works as the wholesale seller of medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products. The licensed wholesale services for distribution of pharmaceutical production: AUTHORISATION FOR WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION OF MEDICINAL PRODUCTS FOR HUMAN USE(the License No. L-88/1) We offer and we provide professional and reliable logistic services to the […] Read more >

freight transport
30 Apr
How to make international road freight transport safer

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31 Mar
Our company has obtained permission to store excise goods

Wellman Logistics Company received permission to store excise goods. Now we provide full service freight export and transit of alcohol, including: Acceptance of goods and accounting Placement and storage in the excise warehouse Components and associated processing (sorting, packaging, etc.)   Read more >

31 Mar
Video presentation

Wellman Logistics – Introduction Wellman Logistics – 1. part Wellman Logistics – 2. part Read more >