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  Production logistics service

Sometimes in the process of transportation, a necessity for additional treatment of cargo may arise. This can include various mechanical assembling, welding, finishing, repairs etc.

These processes may even lead to changing the code of the goods, i.e. the production process results in a significant increase of the value of cargo. In such a case, the cargo owner usually seeks for a place outside Russia and CIS countries, where these operations can be carried out.

Why us?

Besides our own warehousing complex, the Logistics Center of “Wellman Logistics” has enough free territories around it to provide production logistics services for cargo processing.

In addition, we have loads of existing infrastructure, which is ready to be used – access roads, vicinity to railway, utility lines and high amp. electricity. All of this can be successfully used for establishing and building various production centers for cargo processing, which can´t be done in the already existing warehousing complex.

What´s next?

Give us a call, tell us what you need and well make it happen ASAP. We listen readily and are open to suggestions of various collaboration options. We encourage you to discuss your ideas with us, so that we could best propose most favorable terms and conditions for co-operation.

Production logistics service

We are ready to discuss various options of collaboration. Be encouraged to come with your ideas and we will do our best to propose maximum favorable terms and conditions to implement these!

Wellman Logistics

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