07 Jun Wellman Logistics introduces new opportunities for integration with its partner systems

First of all, answering the question what is logistics, we assume the supply, sale, transportation, warehousing and other operations related to the processing of goods in the supply chain.

However, in addition to physical operations, one of the key elements of the logistics chain is the exchange of information.

For effective and convenient exchange of information, modern and high-quality IT solutions are used today.


It is hard to imagine the work of a company that does not have a direct connection with a warehouse or transport service for the accounting, control and timely response to changes occurring in the supply chain.

Realizing this, Wellman Logistics offers its customers a wide range of access to information about everything happening in the logistics of its partners.

In addition, we are aware of the need to access this information in real time and the ability to make the necessary changes to achieve the desired goals.

That is why, we are constantly expanding the opportunities for access to the necessary information and integration with our customers’ systems.

For example, for companies with a small number of transactions, direct access to our warehouse program (WMS) will be sufficient by means of any Internet browser where the client sees everything online with their goods and orders both in the warehouse and in the transport, and also receives scans Accompanying documents, certificates, as well as photo reports on loading and unloading. In addition, the client, having obtained certain access rights, can create orders directly in our system, which significantly reduces the possible costs for creating a bundle of client systems and a 3PL partner.

For partners with a significant number of transactions and orders, the most appropriate option is the integration of systems directly, which allows our customers to receive all the necessary information without leaving their main program (ERP, CRM, etc.). And here Wellman Logistics offers a wide range of options – file sharing (xml, csv) or integration using API. Using the API, you can embed our services into your website, application, accounting system or workflow.

controlling freight traffic

The most popular tasks that can be solved using our API:

  • synchronization of residues
  • automatic addition of orders directly from CRM or ERP
  • checking the correctness of writing email addresses
  • information on the payment of cash on delivery
  • receiving a track number immediately after placing an order
  • obtaining order statuses and sending results, as well as the current status for all shipments
  • downoading statistics.


Our API is implemented in a simple and intuitive way for the user. A simple JSON format is used to exchange data with the server. For all the features of the API, detailed documentation has been compiled (LifeSoft API instruction), and if necessary, during integration, we provide support and implementation of work with the API for different platforms.

Modern IT solutions are the key to successful logistics. Contact us, and we will find the most suitable solution for your business!