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Transport and forwarding

For the last 10 years, we´ve successfully carried out all kind of transport and forwarding services, both locally as well as worldwide, in cooperation with many partners and leading service providers.

For locally distributed goods via forwarding or transport, our network of business partners covers all of Latvia. We deliver all year round, every working day.

The differing of cargo sizes by season makes no difference for us, we can deliver a full pallet in the summer and a small box in the winter – what matters is the price per unit, which will be the same. For you, our soon to be client, this means that there is no cost difference depending on shipment volumes!

In case there needs to be a return of goods from the retailer to the distribution center, we can promptly enter the returned goods, the moment they are received from the retailer as well as what time they will arrive. Since this information is ready to be forwarded to any third party, this grants our service an extra layer of flexibility and speed in terms of stock control and stock turnover time. For you this means that we can react to any situation as fast as possible and save you time and money in the process.

transport and forwarding

Our transport and forwarding services include:

  • International road transport and forwarding from and to West Europe (including British islands) & East Europe (Including Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine) – we are able to offer probably the best prices and most flexible delivery terms for freight transportation services all around Europe – Don´t believe us, just give us a call and we´ll prove you wrong in all the right ways.
  • Sea transport and forwarding – what is not reachable by land, can be reached by sea. Our sea transport services mean container deliveries from “door to door”, including pick up at starting point of delivery, shipment and final delivery from local container terminal to our warehouse in Salaspils. Our route planning and highly trained staff guarantee fastest possible cargo processing, as we provide custom clearing process during the same day as the container arrives. Making it possible to reload it and assemble a portion or all goods for further forwarding – Time = Money, if we can cut down on both, we´re essentially saving you double!
  • Railway transport and forwarding – despite the fact that our warehouse does not have a direct connection to main railway lines. By local rail branch, we are flexible enough to handle railroad cargoes of packaged goods in containers and simple palletized cargo in a regular freight wagon.
  • Air transport and forwarding – for comparably small and valuable goods, this is the best form of delivery. It would be our pleasure to share our more than 10 year experience of high value air cargo handling.



Why us?

In essence, we work for you, but in heart with you, what this means is that our experience becomes your experience. Since when you grow, we grow. We understand that transparency and trust are key in any business and since it´s your business that grows us, let it be our business to help grow you.

What´s next?

Give us a ring and tell us your story so that we can share that experience and find the best solution for you. Don´t worry, if we see that someone else could do you better, then we´ll forward you to them, in any way, we´ll do our best to see you leave with a smile.
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