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Baltic 3pl operator «WELLMAN LOGISTICS» accepts medicines cargo for storage and handling. We care for both transit pharmaceutical cargo and cargo means for sale in European Union as well . «WELLMAN LOGISTICS» has a permission from the Latvian Health Inspectorate (Latvijas Veselības Inspekcija) Nr.: MN-2013/1 and an additional permission from Latvian Customs for handling medicines cargo (License number: L-88/1) with customs status in the «WELLMAN LOGISTICS» customs warehouse (License number: LV-98-A-0256)

We provide:

– storage of medicines and pharmaceutical cargo under temperature control;

– acceptance and assembling of medicines and pharmaceutical cargo applying the most modern equipment and special-purpose software;

– marking, labeling and bar coding of cargo;

– full range of storage operations for control of quantity, weight and content of cargo, …

– customs clearance and export, import or transit procedures;

– proper preparation and filling of transport, customs and accompanying documents for cargo;

– passing of other customs formalities, customs inspections and representing the interests of the client;

– insurance of cargo.


To perform mentioned above we have:

– a separate licensed 1 700 m2 section of warehouse with height of 10.5 m till illuminating lamps;

– electronic temperature and humidity control system with sensors, which evenly located within warehouse section;

– well safety facilities, equipped with the most advanced electronic systems + physical security 24/7;

– careful warehouse personnel with experience working with an extremely valuable and highly sensitive goods;

– specific warehouse stock recording system, which support acceptance and assembling of cargo with bar codes with separate control of medicines and pharmaceutical cargo ;

– experienced declarants, which working connected with round-the-clock nearest customs point;

– group of proven and trust logistics and carriers;

– personnel of company, which is ready to search and study solutions in the most unusual situations


Wholesale distribution of a medicines

Since April, 2015 WELLMAN LOGISTICS also works as the wholesale seller of medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products.

The licensed wholesale services for distribution of pharmaceutical production:


We offer and we provide professional and reliable logistic services to the third parties for pharmaceutical production.

We carry out the following types of outsourcing:

  • Registration/processing of documentation of freight (import / export customs registration)
  • The correct storage of medicines, cosmetics and hygienic goods meeting precepts of law and standards of the European Union and the Republic of Latvia.
  • Wholesale and retail deliveries of medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products to both wholesale bases, and retail operators (drugstores and medical institutions).
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We offer a complete set of services for freight forwarding, storage, additional treatment and handling, arranging of customs formalities and transportation of cargo “door-to-door” from Europe/Asia

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