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Machinery and equipment

3pl operator takes to service the industrial equipment and machinery. Our warehouse in cooperation with Linde Material Handling GMBH (a leading manufacturer of hydrostatic drives mainly for construction and agricultural machinery and equipment, as well as trucks and lifts Linde) took over maintenance of storage equipment from company Linde for its further spread to the regions of Russia.

In cooperation with the German manufacturer of warehouse trucks and equipment brands Linde our logistics center is a convenient hub for distribution of the product in the CIS countries.

Linde Material Handling offers a full range of material handling equipment presented in the categories of equipment for the transportation, storage and packaging of goods.

machinery and equipment

In the category of machinery and equipment for the transport company has successfully represented:

1. Hand Pallet Trucks – Robust and especially designed for the transport of various loads the Linde hand pallet truck performs its task as an all-round reliable helper in innumerable warehouses and production places;

2. Pallet Trucks – Carrying capacity from 1600 to 3000 kg. For short-, medium- and long-distance use.

In the assortment of equipment for the storage presented:

1. Pallet Stackers – Carrying capacities from 1000 to 1600 kg. Ideal for storage, load transfer and loading dock operation.;

2. Reach Trucks – Carrying capacities from 1000 to 2500 kg. Standard lift height up to 11.500 mm.;

3. Turret Trucks – Carrying capacities from 1000 to 1500 kg. Standard lift height up to 12.000 mm.

An example of our cooperation with the German company Linde clearly demonstrates the capabilities of a logistics complex to service of machinery and equipment, such like forklift trucks driven by combustion engine or electric motor, sideloaders or container handlers, order pickers, tractors, high-level stackers and reach trucks.

Our company is willing to work with manufacturers and distributors of various kinds of machinery and equipment in the distribution of products in Europe and Russia. We provide quality service and keeping your cargo.

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